The Sundered launch trailer is so damn pretty

Sundered is a game I had never heard about until recently, although Tank wrote about it last September. The game is a Metroidvania platformer that promises great replayability, pitting players against the barely-fathomable forces of darkness. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game is set to launch soon, and the battle for survival and sanity has rarely looked this good.

The game describes itself as a “hand-drawn epic”, and players must guide Eshe through a world that has really gone for a ball of crap, teeming with horrifying monsters. New powers and abilities can be obtained to take down massive bosses, but these come at the cost of Eshe’s humanity, and the choices of how much players are willing to embrace the horror will determine their story in a branching narrative. And of course, the art is amazing. It’s got a dark and expressive style reminiscent of Don Bluth films, like The Secret of NIMH or The Land Before Time. Hopefully, Sundered won’t cause childhood trauma like either of those.

Sundered is set to launch for PC and PS4 on 28 July. The team behind it, Thunder Lotus, also developed Jotun, another game featuring a female protagonist and amazing art. It looks like they found their forte.