Microsoft blocks Windows 10 upgrades on Intel Clover Trail PCs

Windows 10 may have been handed out to everyone as a free upgrade, but it when Microsoft told everyone about the upgrade, they hid a short line in their announcements that devices would be supported on Windows 10 until the day when it could no longer support the updates. While this wasn’t expected to happen for a while, it appears that Intel’s Clover Trail family is the first victim.

If you try to update a Clover Trail-based device to Windows 10 Creators Update, the process will fail with an error code stating that the device isn’t supported. Intel debuted Clover Trail in 2012 and it found its way into several high-end ultrabooks thanks to its impressive power efficiency. It was also Intel’s last architecture on a 32 nanometer process, because the next leap was to Bay Trail at 22nm.

The issue, confirmed by ZDNet who first reported on the error, might be related to drivers or some kind of abnormality in the platform that hasn’t been fixed yet. Creators Update includes a bunch of optimisations for older graphics cards that are now capable of running DirectX 12 applications, and this could be related to that new feature. Speaking to Acer, ZDNet’s Ed Bott was also able to confirm that Acer expects a driver update to fix the issue, allowing Microsoft to continue offering updates as usual for these devices.

So there’s no real reason to panic and whip out a Linux distro yet. It may be the case that Microsoft will seed some graphics driver updates to these machines to allow them to upgrade properly. The irony is, though, that I’m typing this on an Atom-based netbook that is even older, and it’s running the latest Insider Ring build of Windows 10 without a problem!

Source: ZDNet