Paul McCartney is locked behind a door in the Destiny 2 beta, where he belongs

Destiny‘s “Hope for the Future” is the worst theme song in the history of, like, ever. Launched alongside the original game in 2014 as part of some inscrutable marketing deal, the horrible song and its even more horrible video featuring a holographic, creepily messianic Paul McCartney hanging out in space were instantly disdained by everybody on the planet, and became kind of a joke in the game where it was condemned to a galactic prison (… okay, a jukebox) in the Tower social space. Where it still is, apparently. Probably on fire.

In the “Homecoming” mission, included in the Destiny 2 beta, players must shoot their way out of the rubble and wreck of the Tower, before abandoning it – and, ahem, all hope for the future – to the invading Cabal bad guy Gary Ghaul and his goons.

And the music plays on.

Game’s out on 6 September.

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