Telltale Games announces The Wolf Among Us: Season 2, and other plans for the year to come

It feels like just yesterday that we were writing about Telltale Games… because it was, and you should definitely consider buying the Humble Telltale Bundle, available until the end of the month. The beloved development team has also now released a series of videos to highlight its games for the forthcoming year, including, at long last, The Wolf Among Us: Season 2.

Besides a longer video called the Summer 2017 Update, each game is also highlighted in an individual video. The announcements deal with three games in particular, the first being the next season of their Batman adaptation. Subtitled The Enemy Within, players will guide the Caped Crusader as he tracks down The Riddler, and also meets what the developers call “a Proto-Joker”. The game will launch episodically starting sometime this August.

Next on the list in the update are details about The Walking Dead: The Final Season. I may be skirting on my journalist responsibilities, but I skipped through this one. Don’t judge me, I’m only on episode four of Season 2! Anyway, the conclusion to Clementine’s story will most likely cause a great many gamers to start looking for some onions to blame for all the tears, and will launch in 2018.

And finally, after all the years of waiting, there’s finally confirmation that The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is on the way. When the first one released in 2013, it proved to the gaming community that Telltale has more tricks up its sleeves besides zombies and heart-wrenching stories. The game was an adaptation of Bill Willingham’s Fables comic series, and starred the sheriff Bigby Wolf as he policed a community of fairy tale characters living in New York. The announcement doesn’t feature any footage of Season 2, just some of the voice actors and developers reading mean Tweets and talking about the license. The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 will launch episodically sometime in 2018.

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