Destiny 2’s beta build is “months old”, and a lot of stuff has changed since

It’s Destiny 2‘s beta week, and inevitably, players are moaning because this, that, and the other thing aren’t exactly how they’re “supposed” to be. And they’re not necessarily wrong about it. I think the supers take much too long to recharge, the grenades seem kind of useless, there isn’t enough power weapon ammo, the PVE weapon balancing is rubbish, and I couldn’t choose a hairstyle for my character. But it’s a beta, not the actual game, and some of these problems have already been fixed over at Bungie, apparently.

In its weekly blog update, Bungie’s beta design team explains what’s what, and what’s not.

“Aside from testing our processes and services, the Beta is also an opportunity for us to collect feedback and data to help us close out the final tuning for the game. We’re watching and playing with you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping make the launch version of Destiny 2 that much better,” design lead Rob Engeln writes.

“The PVE game tuning has changed pretty significantly since the Beta build was deployed. The nature of a Beta of this scale requires that it’s based off a build of the game that is now months old. So, in many cases, your feedback is helping us validate changes that were previously made based on internal feedback and playtesting. For example, we too felt that ammo (especially power ammo) was too scarce in PvE. In addition to retuning the drop rates, we built a system that guarantees power ammo drops for you and your Fireteam from certain enemies, giving power weapons a more reliable and predictable role in your arsenal. Other areas where we’ve made significant tuning changes include grenade effectiveness in PvE, Boss vitality, and weapon damage against non-player combatants.”

So that’s reassuring. Except the hairstyle thing, obviously, but I’ll wait until the game launches to complain about that, and also why I can’t have neon pink armour and a cat, some more.

The beta opens to the public today at 19:00 local time, so get in.

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