Giblets: Garrosh Hellscream is Heroes of the Storm’s next hero

It’s been quite some time since a new Warcraft character was added to Heroes of the Storm – the last one being Valeera Sanguinar back in January – so Blizzard announcing that the game’s next hero will be the hot-headed orc and disgraced former Warchief of the Warsong clan Garrosh Hellscream is a welcome surprise.

The announcement comes via a tweet from the game’s official account, which includes a short GIF of the character, and reads: “Lok’Tar Ogar, Heroes! Garrosh, Son of Hellscream, will soon devastate all those who stand against him in the Nexus!” The developer hasn’t really revealed much else about the hero, but we can expect him to be added to the game’s PTR during “the week of July 31“.

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