Pyre stokes my fire with launch trailer

So here’s a funny story, I thought that Pyre was being developed by Supermassive Games. This led to me combing through the wrong YouTube channel and website for an embarrassing amount of time trying to find relevant links. For all future reference, Pyre is the work of Supergiant Games. Honestly, the similarity of their names was bound to cause confusion at some point, and both parties should apologise to the gaming community as a whole.

What Supergiant shouldn’t apologise for is the amazing launch trailer for Pyre.

Much like their previous games, Bastion and Transistor, the art style and music for Pyre are incredible. The game is an RPG where battles are fought as a kind of sport, and players must guide a group of exiles across a sprawling and mystical wasteland, taking on other teams, and trying to earn your freedom. It looks pretty rad.

Pyre is launching for PC and PS4 on 25 July.

PlayStation 4 lifetime sales are now just shy of 36 million sold