A new Survarium update adds the game’s first story mission

But I think the real news here is that this game is actually still in development. It’s been over five years now. That’s, like, forever in game industry time, and it’s not even cancelled (although, perhaps not unexpectedly, it’s definitely changed a bit from its original, and maybe somewhat over-ambitious design). Survarium is out now on Steam Early Access, and it’s got a lot of new stuff.

From the irradiated dregs of the studio that brought us the cult-popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, Survarium is Vostok Games’ free-to-play, post-ecopocalyptic FPS already features a number of multiplayer modes, but also recently debuted some of its campaign content with a proper tutorial level. More co-op story missions are promised in the “foreseeable future”, although I suppose the next five years counts too.

According to the game’s official website, the update also introduces a new “Slaughter” multiplayer mode, which is basically like regular deathmatch but in “smaller locations”, and a number of new weapons, items, and improvements to make the game “more realistic and strategic”.

Reviews on Steam are kind of mixed, but it’s free, so.

Via Worthplaying.