Destiny 2’s open world looks much more interesting than the first game

I mean, I super-mega-ultra loved Destiny, but it had a lot of problems, including an open world that certainly looked very razzle-dazzle, but was otherwise almost entirely devoid of meaningful stuff to do in it. Although things like the Court of Oryx in the game’s The Taken King expansion made up for this somewhat, there wasn’t much else to keep high-level Guardians busy outside of more structured activities like Strike missions, raids, and emote choreography. Bungie wants to fix that in the sequel.

As part of its ongoing Destiny 2 exclusive extravaganza this month, IGN has published a video featuring what’s what on Nessus, a Vex-occupied machine world and one of the game’s new major locations. Narrated by programming lead Rob Engeln, the video shows off some of the new content in the game’s patrol zones, including Adventures and World Quests, public events, and the very intriguing Lost Sector missions to maximise your daily grind.

Game’s out on Xbox One and PS4 on 6 October, and 24 October on PC.

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