PES 2018 open beta kicks off

Without a doubt, football is one of the most ubiquitous and popular of worldwide sports, and this prestige filters down into gaming as well – every year sees another installment of the popular Pro Evolution Soccer series, a long term rival to EA’s own FIFA megafranchise. With PES 2018 just a few months away now, an open beta has taken to the field for players to test out.

The beta is now live and will run until 31 August, although it’s only available for XBO and PS4. An Xbox Live Gold account is required, but PlayStation users won’t need a PS Plus subscription to play. The beta features 1v1 quickmatch and online co-op supporting up to 3v3. Presently, the beta only features online play, but will support up to three players per consoles. Co-op play also allows you to team up with your football buddies next to you on the couch to take on the world. Here’s a trailer of people kicking balls for the crowd’s amusement.

PES 2018 will launch for PC, PS3, PS3, Xbox 360, and XBO on 12 September 2017.