Humble Saints Row Bundle is a steal

Way back in 2006, Saints Row was released for the Xbox 360. It made enough of a splash, but the game was clearly imitating Grand Theft Auto a little too much to stand out. In response, the sequels quickly went insane, abandoning their grasp on reality, and turning into the dildo-clubbing, dubstep-gunning, sandbox power fantasies that really made them household names. If you’ve missed out on the insanity, consider checking out the Humble Saints Row Bundle that launched recently.

And it’s not just the titular Saints games, because the bundle actually has quite a few other titles by publisher Deep Silver. Forking over one dollar gets you Homefront, Risen 3: Titan Lords, Deadlight Director’s Cut, and Saints Row 2. By beating the average price, you get Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition, Mighty No. 9, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, with more games coming in six days.

Paying more than 15 dollars will grant you Homefront: The Revolution, all the DLC for Saints Row: The Third and Gat out of Hell, and also Saints Row 4: Game of the Century Edition. The beneficiary of this Bundle is The Tides Foundation, an organisation that redistributes charitable funding to other organisations.

The Humble Saints Row Bundle will be live until 8 August, and it’s certainly worth it for Saints Row 3 alone. The Telltale Bundle is also still active, and has added a heap of new games recently.

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