Overwatch introduces “increased penalties” for bad behaviour

Blizzard has announced it’s dialled up its Mommy-O-Meter to ensure everybody plays nicely with others in Overwatch or else, issuing a stern warning to very naughty children on the internet that this sort of nonsense won’t be tolerated and consequences will never be the same. And if you don’t eat your peas, you won’t get any pudding.

“‘Play nice; play fair’ is one of Blizzard’s core values. It’s something we took to heart in creating Overwatch and remains a priority as we continue to support the game and our players. This not only applies to the new content we develop and the balance changes we make, but also to the features we add or improve upon over time,” community manager Stephanie Johnson explains in an update on the game’s forum.

“We believe that our in-game reporting and player penalty system is one of our most important features, and it’s something we want to invest in significantly over the next year. To this end, effective immediately, we will be issuing increased penalties to players in response to verified reports of bad behavior. In Overwatch, that means anything from abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, match inactivity (being intentionally AFK), and griefing. If you see someone engaging in any of these types of behaviors, report them. Players in violation will be silenced, suspended, or even banned from the game as a result.”

What exactly “increased penalties” means isn’t entirely obvious, although you can probably expect more prompt and longer virtual timeouts in the corner for transgressions, and perhaps a less lenient policy on bum smacks for being an obnoxious shit who could totally still be aborted at 2000 weeks, Steven, so don’t even try me.

Johnson adds that the studio is working on a reporting system for console players too, so everybody can be a narc.

“Our goal is to implement similar reporting options as are currently available on PC, and any improvements made to PC between now and when it’s available.”

In the meantime, just shut up and get on the payload. Was that so hard? No, it wasn’t.