The Nubian civilization is coming to Civ VI, is all about archers

Whenever I get a hold of a new Civilization game, I become completely obsessed with it for weeks on end. Then one day I’ll just sort of decide to be done with it and never play it again. But Civ VI has proved even more difficult to put down than the rest, and it’s partly because Firaxis keeps routinely pumping interesting new content into it.

The game’s next addition is the Nubian civilisation, complete with its fantastically animated leader, Amanitore, and it’s probably, maybe, totally OP.

As you’ll see in the preview video below, Nubia relies heavily on its ranged units and has a special, stronger and faster unit that replaces the archer. The Nubian ranged units train and gain experience faster than those of other civilisations, giving them a fairly hefty advantage early-game. This, combined with the bonus production and gold granted by the civilisation’s unique ability should make them a force to be reckoned with.

No release date or price has been confirmed yet, but we imagine it’s “soon,” and around R55 similar to previous add-on civilisations.