Descenders looks totally gnarly, dude

The closest I ever got to extreme downhill cycling was once falling off a gentle mountain path and landing in a pile of acacia throns. However, it’s always looked really exhilarating and badass, like fighting giant spiders or shooting Nazis. And much like both of those things, mountain biking can be experienced in the comfort and safety of your couch with the upcoming Descenders.

Currently in development at RageSquid, the same team responsible for Action HenkDescenders is a downhill extreme cycling game with procedurally generated environments and courses. Players are prompted to join one of three teams, either the trick-orientated “Enemy”, the speed-obsessed “Kinetic”, or the races-through-dense-offroad-forests “Arboreal”. Every trip down the mountains will be freshly generated, with new jumps, ramps, and obstacles to master.

Hopefully, completed tracks will be saved so that better scores can be posted. Naturally the game will also feature a robust trick system, and painstakingly detailed wipeout physics. See it in action below:

Descenders is on Steam and ready for wishlisting, and promises to come to unannounced consoles. No release date has been given, but RageSquid invites prospective players to join the game’s Discord for beta access.