The first It trailer is a whole lot of nope

Following up on two previous teaser trailers, Warner Bros has now released the first promo trailer for its reboot of It, prominently featuring the kids of the original Losers’ Club and a public service announcement about talking to clowns in drains. Because you shouldn’t ever talk to clowns in drains, boys and girls. Haven’t you seen It?

Coming out in September, It is the first of a new two-part remake of Stephen King’s idiosyncratic novel and a 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise the demonic clown, both of which terrified an entire generation of children (including me). Unlike the ’50s setting of the novel and the TV show, however, this version of It starts in the ’80s, pushing up to the present day in the second part when the protagonists are grown up.