New Heroes of the Storm videos spotlight Garrosh Hellscream, fancy new skins

Last week Blizzard revealed that Heroes of the Storm‘s next champ will be Garrosh Hellscream and that he will “devastate all those who stand against him in the Nexus”. Unfortunately, the developer didn’t give us much else to go on. Until now. Two videos have since been uploaded to the game’s YouTube channel, the first being Garrosh’s very own spotlight trailer featuring his various abilities and suggestions on how to play him. The second one shows off some of the cool skins, mounts, and other cool stuff currently in the works at HOTS HQ.

First, let’s see what mister Hellscream is all about.

“As the new warchief of the Horde, Garrosh is a proud and vicious warrior who rules with an iron fist. His hatred for the Alliance burns like wildfire, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. By his axe, the orcs will reclaim their rightful glory.”

He’s also a tank character who’ll be pretty tough to take down thanks to his impressive survivability. A full look at his abilities can be found here.

If Garrosh isn’t really your scene, don’t sweat it. This second video only dedicates a few seconds to the new hero with the rest focussing on new skins, mounts, sprays, and portraits coming to the game “soon”.