Oh hey, look at that! It’s the start of a new month, which most likely means you’ve been paid. You’re also reading an article on a gaming website, which means you’re probably going to want to spend that money on games. And if you haven’t already smashed your piggy bank on Telltale games, why not check out the PlayStation Winter Sale that’s now on? You know you want to.

With 304 items marked down, there’s something here for everybody. Unless you don’t own a PS3, PS4, or PS Vita, in which case I’m surprised you’re even reading this. Some of the highlights for PS4 include Battlefield 1: Deluxe Edition for R549, The Last Guardian for R329, Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition for R329, and No Man’s Sky for the cheap-enough-to-finally-justify-the-risk price of R229.

The PlayStation Winter Sale runs until 17 August for most items, but several games and bundles are only discounted until 3 August. These include For HonorGhost Recon Wildlandsand the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition which is still mighty expensive at R1,069, but also includes all of the upcoming DLC and map packs. Be sure to check out the sale, as well as all the PS3 and PS Vita items, during your next coffee break.

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