Overwatch’s Summer Games event starts next week

Just in time for winter on this end of the planet, Overwatch‘s (annual? I guess two events in two years counts as annual. ANNUAL!) Summer Games are back, with new, exclusive, omg-must-have cosmetic stuff that you probably won’t even get because you only ever get common duplicates, anyway. Also, Lúcioball.

From 8-29 August, the Summer Games features a revamped Lúcioball 3v3 Brawl mode – including a competitive ranked playlist – and a new stadium map in Sydney, Australia (… where it’s also winter, actually), plus themed skins for Junkrat, Mercy, McCree, and Widowmaker. Skins from last year’s event will also be available to purchase at discount prices, in case your in-game wardrobe needs more spandex.