Stardew Valley multiplayer details sprout up

Stardew Valley is easily one of my favourite games, despite the somewhat negative association it has with an ex-girlfriend. Anyway, it’s rewarding, engaging, relaxing, and about as charming as legally possible. What it lacked was multiplayer, because running a farm and exploring a dungeon doesn’t leave much time for fishing or flirting with the local singles. Fortunately, your friends can soon be put to work, as outlined by the developer recently.

According to an update on the Stardew Valley website, multiplayer will allow up to three of your friends to join in for farming adventures. Players will be able to build them extra cabins shortly after starting the game, and your friends will receive the condescending title of “Farmhand”. They can farm, mine, fish, flirt, and marry NPCs, but the player character will decide when to sleep, when festivals begin, and whether or not to side with the evil Joja corporation. Player-to-player marriage will also be allowed, but PvP battles and split-screen play are not planned at this point.

Multiplayer won’t require a server hosted by players. Instead, invites can be sent through Steam, and a method will be decided on for console players. The multiplayer patch will launch as update 1.3 in early 2018, for Linux, Mac, and PC. Console players will also get the update, starting with the Nintendo Switch.