The Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is a thing you can buy now, and you definitely should

If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on the hottest FPS of 2016, and maybe even the 10 years before that, now is the time to make up for it. Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, a megamix of the game that adds all of the extra cosmetic content from the original Digital Deluxe version, plus all of its DLC – including the recent Frontier Defense co-op mode – and some other bonus incentives. Standby for a deal-o-rama.

Besides everything else, the Ultimate Edition also features a “Jump Start Pack” which instantly unlocks all Pilot and Titan classes, and 500 cash tokens to max out some custom loadouts for multiplayer. In my day, we had to grind for that stuff. You kids don’t even know.

Because it’s invariably asked somewhere in the comments, playing Titanfall 2 in South Africa isn’t a problem. Pings to the closest server in Europe are around 160ms or so, but the game’s latency tolerance is super impressive, and you won’t wait in a matchmaking queue for more than a minute at most times of the day. GO AND GET IT.