Torchlight dev’s new game Hob is out next month, and it’s preeeeetty

Runic Games, the studio responsible for the fantastically stylish Torchlight series is working on a new game called Hob. It’s billed as “a suspenseful adventure game set on a stunning and brutal world in disarray”, and its latest trailer shows off that gorgeous world perfectly.

According to its official page, the game will feature things like “wordless narrative”, world transformation, fighting, grappling, and warping, as well as heaps of adventure. All of that will happen as you “slowly uncover your role in saving the vibrant life around you while you explore stunning landscapes, solve puzzles, and transform the planet itself”.

Hob is coming to PS4 and PC on 26 September and will cost you $19.99 (approximately R260). Have some bonus screenshots just because.

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