Gareth didn’t much like For Honor in his review, and I can’t really blame him. I mean, I’ve only played the game for a total of five minutes, but that was enough to figure out it wasn’t my cup of tea. In fact, much like green tea, it wasn’t most people’s cup of tea.

But I’m sure there must be some of you who really like it (the game, not the tea, that’s foul), and that’s totally fine. I guess. So, I know you’ll be happy to learn that the game’s next update called Grudge and Glory will be out later this month, and is packed with stuff to keep you skirmishing a little longer.

The update will go live on 15 August, and will “bring the largest updates to For Honor to date with the introduction of new heroes, maps, gear, ranked play and a wealth of gameplay updates”. Some of that is showcased in the trailer below.

The update’s new maps and updates will be free to all, while the new heroes will only be free to season pass owners. Everyone else will be able to get their hands on them starting on 22 August “for 15,000 Steel”.

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