Aztez first caught my eye several months ago with its spectacular minimalist  colour palette and unique side-scrolling, turn-based strategy mashup. And now it’s out, so we can all go conquer the Mexican Valley while pulling off sick air juggling combos.

Developed by Team Colorblind (which is hilarious considering the game’s colour scheme), Aztez casts players as an elite warrior in 15th century Mexico. Well, mostly as an elite warrior – players will also expand the Aztec Empire through turn-based strategy. The goal of the game is to expand and gather enough power to eventually defeat the Spanish when they show up. The developers mention that Aztez campaigns will be typically short, but hugely replayable.

Players will also unlock new gear and weapons to equip their warrior with, which will open up new combat options. The side-scrolling battles look intense, with enemies on all sides, and dramatic super-moves turning everyone into meat salads. Here’s a suitably epic launch trailer:

Aztez is available now for Steam, although the official website mentions that it will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, and XBO at some point.