Die too many times in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and the game will delete your save file

Ninja Theory’s macabre Viking psychodrama is out today, and besides those of its eponymous heroine, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice apparently also features sacrifices of a much more insidious (and frustrating) kind.

According to reviews over on PCGamesN and PCGamer, the game’s protagonist is (spoilers?) cursed with some sort of corruption that’s spreading around her body. Every time she dies, the corruption spreads some more. Die too many times, the corruption will, uh, corrupt her, and the game will nuke your save file and send her back to the start. Not start of the save file start, but start of the game start. The worst kind of start. Even worstier, the game is about eight hours or so, making this an intimidating prospect for people like me who’ve already decided we can’t do something without even trying.

Nobody, it seems, has actually had to start over when playing the game, though, so I’d expect “too many times” is “like, a lot of times” or maybe the whole thing is an ingenious conceit about mental illness and existential dread.

Update: It is. Ha!


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