Test your mettle in For Honor for free this weekend

Reviews aren’t everything. Just because we didn’t like For Honor all that much, doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t either. The only way to really know whether you’ll enjoy something is to try it (unless it’s green tea. It’s gross, Tarryn, just admit it [you’re gross. – Ed]). Luckily Ubisoft is letting players do just that by making the full game free to play this weekend.

According to a post on the game’s official page, players on all platforms can get in on the action starting on 10 August. The trial will give players access to For Honor‘s full multiplayer offering, as well as its campaign mode. The demo will expire for PC on 13 August, and on 14 August for PS4 and XBO owners. If you’re keen on giving it a go, just head over to the official page and choose your platform.

Here’s a highlight reel announcing the demo.

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