PSA: The Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle includes some real gems

You should know by now just how awesome Humble Bundle is. Not only do you get a bunch of great games for ridiculously great prices, but you also have the option of supporting some fantastic charities. PC gamers have benefited from Humble’s offerings the most, but this time it’s PlayStation’s turn.

The Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle includes games for PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. Pay more than $1 (R13) to get Evolve and three others, pay more than the average of $5.90 (R78) and also unlock the first two Borderlands games, BioShock, Battleborn, and a few extra. If you’re feeling especially generous (or just want a ton of games you’ll probably never play), you can pay $20 (R265) or more to get all of those games and XCOM 2, which Dane gave a massive score of 92 in his review.

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