2011’s Rock of Ages is the sort of game that’s difficult to forget, because not only was it completely bizarre, but it’s not often you get to guide a massive boulder down a hill while exploring different periods in history. The sequel, Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder, is almost available, and it’s got a new trailer that’s sure to have you wondering “WTF even is going on here”.

Much like the first title, Rock of Ages 2 will see players rolling a massive boulder with a face down a hill to smash things. There’ll also be some tower defense-style elements, as trailers show walls and obstacles being placed by players before they get the show on a roll. It’ll take players through several historical periods, each defined by a distinct art style, and feature boss battles against famous works of art, such as the Sphinx. Here’s the trailer:

Rock of Ages 2 will be rolling on 28 August for PC, PS4 and XBO. You can pre-order it via Steam, and anyone who buys the game within four weeks of launch will receive Binding of Isaac-themed items for free.

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