PSA: Play the first hour of Prey for free on all platforms starting yesterday

I quite enjoyed Arkane Studios’ Prey reboot for the few minutes I played it. Unfortunately, I tried it on PC while it was still a bit of a mess, which meant the experience was hampered by buggy bits. That said, I’m sure a lot of the bugs I experienced have since been squashed, and I’m eager to give it another go. Luckily for me (and everyone else, I guess), Bethesda has released a free, one-hour trial of the game on all platforms.

This is the first Prey trial to be made available on PC, with console players having received a demo earlier this year. Seeing as this is a trial and not a demo, any progress made will carry over to the full game if you decide to buy it. Prey was very positively received almost universally, and Tarryn gave it a whopping 87 in her review (which also included a secret no one seems to have figured out yet).

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