Fishing is associated with many things. The great outdoors. Tranquility. Drinking alcohol on a boat. It’s not at all associated with epic music and dramatic camera work, though. A new trailer for Fishing Planet is looking to change all that. If you’re suffering from anemia, then the following trailer is metal enough to cure it.

Fishing Planet has already been available since 2015 on Steam, but the title will soon be casting out to PS4. It’s developed by an indie studio called… Fishing Planet LLC. The game clearly takes fishing pretty seriously, offering 12 waterways to explore, thousands of gear combinations, and possibly the most complex fish AI since Call of Duty: Ghosts. It offers competitive multiplayer and is free to play on Steam, with paid DLC. There’s no mention whether or not the PS4 version will be the same, but not having to pay would be a good lure to hook more players. Here’s the trailer. Brace yourself.

Hot damn. I’ve watched it twice and I was still expecting bass drops and helicopters to get shot down. Fishing Planet is launching for PS4 on 29 August, and will sadly never be quite as epic as this trailer.