With awkward presenters reciting even more awkwardly scripted marketing blurbs about the “power of Xbox”, exclusive world premiere trailers that were actually mostly remixed trailers from E3, and a Mixer livestream that didn’t even work, Microsoft’s Gamescom press event on Sunday night didn’t exactly dial the hype-o-meters to maximum, but you guys, Jurassic World Evolution.

But seriously you guys, Jurassic World Evolution

From Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments, it’s the dinosaur disaster theme park management sim of your dreams. Spare no expense, and spare nobody else either.

Assassin’s Creed Origins looks not terrible

Lots of sand and… sand. And Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker. And I think that’s Cleopatra. Game’s out on 27 October, and you know what, I might just get this one.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out on Xbox One this year

Not next year, as previously expected, and developer Bluehole Studio Inc. has signed some sort of partnership deal with Microsoft. Does that mean it won’t be launching on PS4? Oooooh.

More than 100 games are getting free 4K enhancements for Xbox One X

For free. And did you know they’re free? Because they’re free. The complete list of games is over here, and oh by the way, these enhancements are totally free.

One of the games getting free 4K enhancements for Xbox One X is World of Tanks

And don’t forget, it’s free.

A new Xbox One system update includes network copy support

No more unplugging and plugging external drives between consoles and as somebody living in a double-console household, this is amazing.

State of Decay 2 is keeping permadeath in

Because there must be “consequences for your actions”, apparently, so I guess Marcus, Ed, Ben, Maya, Jacob, Sam, and those other tragic victims of my zombie apocalypse management incompetence will have some company soon enough.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has balrogs

Did we know that already? Anyway, it’s got balrogs and lots of other monsters too. But maybe the real monster is you. Or not. I dunno, I haven’t played it, obviously. If somebody gave me a magic ring, though, I’d probably keep it.

The Xbox One X Scorpio Edition is a thing

… The Xbox One X SE.

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