ADATA i-Memory Flash Drive UE710 video review

Hey, remember NAG magazine? That paper-y thing we used to do and occasionally combined with ill-advised sand inserts? Those were good times!

Longtime NAG fans will recognise Regardt van der Berg as a former writer for both NAG and SACM, back in the days when trees were cheap and there was a printing press on every corner. He vanished into the mountains of Lesotho for a while, hoping to find inner peace. Or he was looking to prove that 8-ply toilet paper isn’t a myth, that it’s really a super-real thing, and he thought Lesotho was the best place to do that. Or something.

He’s back though, and he’s ready and rearing to hammer out video reviews of fancy hardware. First up, Regardt wrapped his fingers around the ADATA i-Memory Flash Drive UE710. Watch him share his thoughts in the video review below the break.

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