Hellboy, Raiden, and Black Manta are coming to Injustice 2

Developer NetherRealm has announced its next Injustice 2 DLC, featuring three new contenders and a lot of interesting new ways to punch Batman in the face in the superhero brawler.

According to a new trailer, Fighter Pack 2 includes semi-demi-hemi-demon Hellboy, Mortal Kombat lightning-god and funny hat guy Raiden, and Black Manta from… uh, Aquaman. I knew that.

As NetherRealm and DC properties respectively, Raiden and Black Manta are not exactly unexpected additions to the game, but Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy is kind of, like, what. I did some for reals investigative journalism and discovered that Hellboy joined up with Batman and Starman to fight Nazis and Lovecraftian monsters for a two-issue collaboration with DC back in 1999, so I guess that explains that.