Humble Spooky Horror Bundle is a scary good deal

The opportunity to support worthy causes by buying games has slithered out from under the bed with the Humble Spooky Horror Bundle. If you like invoking an adrenal response through jump scares and unsettling imagery, take a look at what’s inside.

At the lowest tier, paying whatever you want gets you Dead Age, Lakeview Cabin Collection, DreadOut, and its standalone expansion DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark. Beating the average is a killer deal, and gets you Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition, and Alien Isolation, a game so good it almost redeemed the awful Colonial Marines.

Paying more than ten dollars gets you Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical multiplayer game that you’ve certainly seen in screaming YouTube let’s plays. Choosing not to support the Bundle gets you an ancient Japanese curse, which may lead to you getting a ghost stalker. The proceeds will again be going to The AbleGamers Foundation, a charity that provides specialised controllers to gamers with physical disabilities.

The Humble Spooky Horror Bundle will be stalking teens and creeping out of dark basements until 5 September.