The Anno franchise is a long running series of strategy management games that take players to new eras with each game. Its last two titles have flung players into the near, and far future, and not since 2009 has the series had a historical setting.  That’s going to change with the newly announced Anno 1800, which will take place in the Industrial Age.

In development at Blue Byte, with publishing handled by Ubisoft, Anno 1800 was announced at Gamescon 2017 with a short trailer. No gameplay footage was shown off, but it did a good job of introducing the setting and the gorgeous visuals. According to the official website, players will be given the reins of several settlements, and will be charged with growing them into prosperous metropoles. This will be done by establishing trade, creating efficient production chains, diplomacy, or good ole fashioned warmongering. The game will feature randomly generated maps, a customisable sandbox mode, and also support multiplayer. Here’s the trailer, complete with slightly cringeworthy voice acting.

Anno 1800 will be coming to PC  in late 2018. Blue Byte also invites gamers to join the Anno Union, where they will be invited to provide feedback and vote on features that will make it into the finished game.