Waddup NAGooshians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. I’m away for the weekend, so this post is coming to you FROM THE PAST. I didn’t want to leave you bros and broettes hanging, so I’ve left you with this abbreviated, 90% more visual news roundup. It’s my birthday and I’ll cry/release sub-standard content if I want to. See you next week, friends and lovers.

I can’t think of a better way to start than a game called Donut County starring a racoon.

Shenmue 3 continues to be a game I know nothing about that everyone else seems excited for, so here’s a new in-engine trailer.

Destiny 2 one-ups with two new trailers for you rabid Bungie fans.

Gwent is picking up steam in the hotly contested digital CCG space, and hopes to get you interested with this single-player story campaign, Thronebreaker.

Tropico 6 looks good in this new trailer – for you, you filthy dictator scum.

Remember Bubsy? That platformer everyone hated 20 years ago? No? Yeah, nobody does, but apparently it’s trying to redeem itself with an all new release.

On the subject of old games, SNES classic Secret of Mana is getting a full remaster – 3D, new visuals, voiced characters – the whole shebang. Weirdly, it’s only coming on PC, PS4 and Vita though, with Switch and Xbox One getting snubbed. Exclusivity anyone?

Blizzard’s new Overwatch short is exactly what you’d expect – brilliant.

Finally, forget thinking about sleeping ever again as you feast your eyes on KFC’s VR training tool.

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