Acer Africa has launched (or, relaunched, depending on who you ask) it’s online web store that will exclusively sell Acer products from the company’s various brands. The store will stock Acer’s laptops, a selection of their desktops, monitors, projectors, accessories, and warranty extensions. Acer is celebrating the store’s launch with some big sales of up to 50% off some products, and there’s a R100 off voucher if you choose to subscribe to their newsletter. If you don’t want the newsletter anyway, use “ACER167” at checkout. Anyway, there are some things readers might be interested in, so follow me after the jump.

Marked down from R6,499 to R2,999 is Acer’s XF240Hbmjdr, a 24-inch full HD FreeSync display using a TN panel. Its name doesn’t roll off the tongue exactly, but at R2,999, it’s officially the cheapest 144Hz monitor available right now, and the cheapest AMD FreeSync panel, with a range of 48Hz all the way to 144Hz. The included stand supports height adjustment, swivel and tilt, and there’s a VESA mount available if you choose to use a different monitor mounting. If you were looking for a 144Hz panel already, with the discount this is over R1,000 cheaper than every other option currently available, with the exception of one AOC monitor that I haven’t seen in stock for ages.

If you’re looking for a Ultrabook, Acer’s marked down the price of their Swift 3 14-inch ultrabooks from R12,299 to R10,999. With the R100 off coupon, that’s a R1,400 saving. I’m currently writing my review of the Swift 7 and if the build quality is anything like that, I think the Swift 3 will do nicely for a lot of people who just want something simple. Battery life should be decent too, even with a 14-inch 1080p display.

On the cheap side of things, there’s also the Acer ES1-132 discounted all the way down to R1,999. It’s a cheap netbook running Windows 10 Home, with 2GB RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage. If it breaks, you probably want to buy another one to store somewhere as a spare. It’s not the type of thing you’re going to get work done on, but it’s a decent device for a child’s first computer, or a tool you carry with if you’re an IT guy for configuring routers or troubleshooting equipment. Or hey, put Linux on there. It’s still cheaper than Acer’s Chromebooks.

You can shop at Shop Acer today. Shipping is free as well!

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