Absolver knows kung-fu in launch trailer

When I first wrote about Absolver, I gushed over its really good fighting animations. After staying on my radar for some time, the game is now ready to enter the arena, and has a totally sweet launch trailer. Of course, there are more amazing animations.

Absolver is an online multiplayer action game, with a heavy emphasis on hand to hand and weapon based melee combat. Players explore the world as a Prospect, who must battle other Prospects in online battles to earn their rank in the Absolvers. They’re kind of like Jedi, only with sweet masks and kung-fu instead of lightsabers and celibacy. Combat is all real-time, relying on careful use of the moves in a player’s Combat Deck to win. The game supports both PvE and PvP, and allows for team battles with three combatants on each side. Players also encounter each other seamlessly in the world, which could either lead to lasting friendships or some intense and spontaneous battles. Here’s the trailer

Absolver is kung-fu fighting right now on PC and PS4.

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