Sony gives the PlayStation VR a small price cut

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is an impressive piece of kit, but it’s quite an expensive piece of kit, too. Getting a full set locally will set you back just over R8,000 for a PS VR headset, the PlayStation Camera, and two Move controllers. To help make picking it up a little bit more affordable, Sony has announced that it is cutting the price of the VR Worlds bundle by $50, which includes the entire kit and a copy of VR Worlds.

The PlayStation VR Core bundle, which is just the headset, will also now include the camera for free. These changes might not make it to South Africa in the same fashion, but we’ll eventually be able to buy the full setup for less money.

On a related note, you can actually use PlayStation VR on your PC now, and all you need is the headset itself. Just follow this guide to set things up with Trinus PSVR, and the headset will rely on its accelerometer and gyroscope to provide accurate tracking. The setup is fully compatible with the SteamVR API, and Trinus’ developers are working to have support for Oculus games as well.

Source: Techspot