So, we have the Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 on our hands. Now, the previous Bundle to use the word Jumbo was interesting in that it packaged several small scale indie games together. This Bundle goes the opposite direction, and has cooperative rat slaying and big rig American trucking. All for charity, of course.

Starting at one dollar or more, you can snag yourself Infested Planet, Human: Fall Flat, and the incredibly stylised survival game The Flame in the Flood. Beating the average price gets you WWI shooter Verdun, Samorost 3, and cooperative exterminator simulator Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. More games are promised to be added within the week.

The highest tier of ten dollars or more lets you live out your big rig dreams with American Truck Simulator from the comfort of your desk. Purchasing the Bundle for any amount also gets you a ten percent discount off your first month of Humble Monthly, which is offering a copy of Killing Floor 2 immediately if you subscribe. The proceeds for the Bundle once again go to The AbleGamers Foundation, a charity that builds gaming controllers to allow people with physical limitations to still game on.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 is now live, and will be available until 12 September.

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