Finally, SOMEONE makes a wireless mechanical keyboard!

I’ll get straight to the point here: Logitech is the first big OEM to have a wireless mechanical keyboard on sale that doesn’t use Bluetooth and finicky USB cables. Wireless. Mechanical. Keyboard. It’s one of the last hurdles we needed to make to achieve the goal of the perfect peripheral, and Logitech took the bold first step with the G613 Lightspeed keyboard, announced this week alongside the brand new G603 Lightspeed gaming mouse and the enormous G840 XL gaming mouse pad. Hit the jump for more.

Unlike the G903 Lightspeed gaming mouse that I reviewed earlier this month, both of these products use traditional AA batteries and are not compatible with Logitech’s PowerPlay charging mat. It’s a much safer move to make because there isn’t an ecosystem to buy into here. All you need is the product itself, the supplied USB wireless adapter, and AA batteries. Logitech says the G613 can run for up to 18 months on two AA batteries even with hours of gaming thrown in every day.

Both the G613 and the G603 are also capable of switching to using the standard wireless signal or Bluetooth, allowing some portability between systems. Technically, you could buy Bluetooth-equipped mechanical keyboards ages ago, but they have some drawbacks like no support in the BIOS software and inaccurate battery meters. You have to either hook them up using a USB cable from time to time, or keep a USB keyboard connected to your PC constantly.

The switches are the same Romer-G switches from the G810 keyboard we reviewed last year, which was originally seen in the G910 Orion Spark. Romer-G was designed to be almost like a Cherry MX Red switch, but today it’s closer to what Cherry has in their MX Clear switches. Unlike previous designs, the G613 does not feature per-key RGB LED backlighting, and is guaranteed to survive tens of millions of clicks. We weren’t going to get eighteen months of battery life with RGB in the mix.

Logitech also announced the G603 Lightspeed gaming mouse. As mentioned before, it does not support Logitech’s PowerPlay mouse mat, but it does make use of AA batteries just like its predecessor, the G602, which I view as the best wireless mouse Logitech has ever made. Which I also coincidentally ordered a week ago from Amazon when it was on sale. FML.

It features a brand new optical sensor optimised for low power which Logitech calls HERO – High Efficiency Rated Optical. It boasts a 12,000 DPI sensitivity mode, and consumes ten times less power than the sensor in the previous generation G602. It is said to also have no cursor acceleration or smoothing. As a result, Logitech claims that together with the new Lightspeed wireless technology and the sensor improvements battery life jumps from a rated 250 hours in the G602, to 500 hours in the G603.

If that’s not enough battery life for you, you can optionally switch the polling rate to 125Hz, down from 1000Hz, and enjoy the same eighteen months of battery life as the G613 Lightspeed. And just to remind you, there’s a Bluetooth switch as well!

Finally, there’s the enormous mouse pad. Logitech will soon be offering the G840 XL, a desk-sized mouse pad for gamers who want a uniform look to their gaming surface, with the freedom to move around as much as possible thanks to the lack of cables to restrict you. It measures 900mm by 400mm, with a height of 3mm. The base is a blue non-slip rubber surface, and it comes with a transport tube so that you can roll the mat up and take it with you on the go.

The G613 Lightspeed wireless mechanical keyboard and the G603 Lightspeed gaming mouse will be available starting today in the US for $149.99 and $69.99 respectively. The G840 XL mouse mat will be available sometime in September 2017 with a retail price of $49.99 in the US.

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