This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]

Greetings NAGilokians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This was meant to be your usual, unabbreviated dose of weekly news and unwanted opinion, but I’ve come down with a chronic case of turbo-swine-flu and am writing this whilst clinging desperately to life. But if I spend my final days giving you the best gaming entertainment YouTube has to offer for the week, it will have been worth it. Have a great week, bros and broettes.

Build yourself your own steampunk shithole in a nightmarish world that isn’t worth living in in Frostpunk, a new game from the This War of Mine developers.

To lay the feels on thick, check out this Life is Strange: Before the Storm trailer – which came out last week. Friendship is magic, guys.

Alright, enough of that. Kick some ass with the Tomb Raider 2 remake – all done up in Unreal Engine 4. The demo is out now if you want to give it a bash. Remember demos?

Staying on topic, Pathologic‘s remake is now called Pathologic 2 and now comes with this bizarre announcement trailer.

Nintendo Switch is balling pretty hard thus far, but it now has what it needs to be complete – a Worms game. Oh. Yes.

Can I interest you in a “cat-based murder mystery”? Of course I can – check out The Good Life.

Digital Foundry hits us with performance analysis of CoD: WW2, which is a franchise that, if nothing else, has always had killer gameplay engines that make 60fps a priority.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or simply PUBG to its fans, had its first proper e-sports event at Gamescom last week. Despite a few rocky moments, the game definitely has legs – especially considering it’s Early Access right now. Check out these highlights, and get involved ASAP.

Back to back with DF, the guys had a look at Destiny‘s PC engine – and it’s very impressive. Despite having snubbed the greatest platform with the first game, Bungie have come out swinging with a PC beta that can run comfortably on a potato.

We finish strong with another of Wolfenstein II‘s uncomfortably realistic teasers. I can’t get enough of these.