The Witcher series is old enough to go to the movies on its own

Can you believe its been ten years since The Witcher launched? What started as a relatively obscure Polish fantasy series has grown into one of the finest and most acclaimed RPG franchises in recent memory. To commemorate the occassion, CD Projekt RED has released a really touching video.

In case you can’t watch it, the video shows a bit of an epilogue of what Geralt and other series regulars have been up to since the end of Blood and Wine. It closes off with Geralt thanking the viewer for all the continued support. The Witcher may have started off fairly humbly, but the franchise has put its developers on the map and its success was likely integral to the launch of

So what are your Witcher memories? How has the ten year franchise affected your gaming life? It got me using “going to the mill” as a euphemism for sex. Leave a comment below if you have a slightly classier memory of the series.

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