It’s rAge’s 15th birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving away our biggest prize ever

rAge is turning 15 this year, and to help ease the pressure of all the teenage angst it must be feeling right now, rAge and NAG are giving away the biggest prize we’ve ever assembled throughout our history of assembling big prizes. THE BIGGEST. Ever. Full-stop. It’s even bigger than a bag of sand.

It’s going to include things like a notebook, gaming consoles, hardware, plenty of games, an arcade cabinet, a starter 3D printer, vouchers, trinkets, toys, comic books, gadgets, novelties, souvenirs and party tricks. We’re estimating the total prize value will end up being around R100,000. We’re kicking this off with a few prize announcements, and as more prizes are added to the mix we’ll do updates until you’re sick of hearing about how lucky the winners are going to be.

Here’s what you need to do to enter! Subscribe to our newsletter, and… well, that’s it. In the aftermath of rAge, we’ll pick a few winners and let them know what they’ve won. Please remember to approve/confirm/accept your subscription to the newsletter. You’ll get a mail about this after registering.

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  • No employees of rAge or NAG or any of the contributing companies are allowed to enter.
  • The prize winners will be announced on Friday 13 October 2017.
  • You must be a South African resident.
  • You must be subscribed (and verified) to the NAG newsletter to qualify.
  • Only one subscription per user allowed. We’re checking.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Prizes are not transferable.

rAge birthday prize box display thing

This is an early look at something you’ll find at rAge this year. We don’t usually do this kind of thing (release secret images), but here it is. Please note this will be slightly different in real life, but you get the general idea. In case you’re wondering, stuff we can’t fit inside the box will go next to it, like gaming chairs and an arcade cabinet and Dane.

Aaaaand the prizes so far! We’ll have more each week, so this is, like, nothing.

NAG stuffs

This is a bunch of cool rAge and NAG merchandise and – drum roll – a limited edition “NAG staff only” hoodie. It’s pretty much priceless. Someone tried to mug Michael for his one, but then he let them smell the armpit area and they ran away screaming.


Punked gave us a batch of wild hair colouring products. This stuff really works very well (someone’s child had pink hair for most of December which included ocean swimming). With these products you can be all the unicorn you ever wanted to be.


Astrum were persuaded to hand over some virtual reality 3D glasses, a Wi-Fi IP security camera and an Android TV box. Yay to them! If you think about it like a secret agent, there’s probably some way to combine all these items into a bigger item that can defeat a James Bond villain – the classic villains, not these new-fangled types.

Dark Carnival

We held some of Dark Carnival’s expensive products hostage until they agreed to send us a bag of goodies for this competition. Impressively it wasn’t junk they couldn’t sell. So we have on the list:  Star Wars Book Ends, Darth Vader Boiled Egg Shaper, R2D2 Silicon Tray, Gentle Giant Star Wars Mini Bust Queen Amidala, and a Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug. Feel the Force, baby. PS, the pictures could have looked better but we didn’t want to take the plastic bags off.

T-Shirt Terrorist

We’re going to be honest here, really transparent. These two T-shirts have been in the NAG office for months now. We told the guys at T-Shirt Terrorist we’re not giving them back. We haven’t heard from them since, so it’s should be okay. We’ve downgraded them to T-Shirt Bad Guys.

Young Pioneer

This cabling hamper fell off the back of a truck, so some of the cables might be a little bent. But that’s what cables do, so no problems. Use them to connect things or just for tying up your smaller brother while you pull off his toenails with a… hang on, wrong website. Thanks to Young Pioneer for the goodies.

Geek Out

Geek Out handed us this T-Shirt and mug and then ran away laughing. More like giggling, really. Not sure what to make of all that, but it’s not our problem anymore because someone will be winning these items after rAge. We don’t want them because they’re probably cursed.

The Gadget Shop

The Gadget Shop is a place we all love to browse and buy and put things on our birthday and festive lists. This amazing, epic, incredible, cool, modern 3D printer is up for grabs. If you’re the type to smash fists into keyboards when some noob owns you, now you can just print replacement keys for your keyboard.

Tune in next week for more prizes and reveals! GET HYPE.



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