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Greetings NAGololos, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week Dota 2 gets dethroned, Destiny 2 gets some leaked DLC details, South Park‘s new game pulls no punches with its social commentary, Blizzard has massive news for the esports industry, some YouTube criminals get off scot-free, and the FF XV talks nude mods. All that, some videos, and highlights from the week after the jump.

Battlegrounds passes the 1 million mark

By now you should probably know at least in passing what this game is, and that you’re missing out if you’re not playing it.

This week the game passed ten million sales, which is pretty absurd for an Early Access game that’s six months old. Just less than two weeks ago, the game managed to overtake Dota 2’s concurrent player count.

Dota’s number was around the 750,000 mark, and now Battlegrounds has managed to top 1 million concurrent players. It’s pretty damn impressive to be posting numbers that much higher than a juggernaut like Dota 2, and at this point there’s no telling where it’ll end up, especially considering it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Destiny 2’s first DLC details leak

In spite of Destiny 2‘s first DLC not being officially announced yet, details about it still went up on the Xbox Store – oops.

Dubbed Expansion 1: Cure of Osiris, the DLC will include new story missions and adventures set on Mercury, more specifically in its “Infinite Forest” region.

Alongside that is new armour, new weapons, new multiplayer maps and new “co-operative activities”, which probably means Strikes. No mention of any new raids though.

Some dude called Osiris will also apparently be making an appearance, not that I know who that is having not played Destiny 1. I am, however, pretty impressed with what I’ve seen of Destiny 2 on PC so far.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole’s difficulty slider changes your skin colour

Oh man, this is cheeky. Like most games, South Park’s new title has difficulty settings. But as you slide it across, your skin gets progressively darker, and Cartman says “this won’t affect combat, but it will affect every other aspect of your whole life”.

The difficulty affects how much money you receive and the way you’re treated by other characters in the game. In typical South Park style, the game effortlessly injects cutting social commentary in quite an effective manner.

The game also has you pick a gender – male, female, or other. Here Mr Mackey calls your parents to discuss your choice, and takes a jab at the way Stick of Truth forced you to play as a boy. You can check out the options in this video below.

Blizzard opening its own esports arena in LA

Well peeps, we made it. It’s hard to argue at this point that esports isn’t an entirely legitimate thing with massive viewership, huge prize pools and events that fill stadiums.

Blizzard have been putting more of a focus on the competitive side of their games recently, with a lot of Hearthstone and Overwatch support front and centre. Now they’ve announced the opening of their own “Blizzard Arena”, which they promise to be a “cutting-edge live-event destination”.

What’s cool about this is that it’s designed from the ground up to be an esports venue, which means sound stages, control rooms and practice facilities. Everything is geared towards high-level competitive esports and broadcasting.

The first event will be for Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs, which will be happening on 7 October. After that, it’s the Hearthstone Championship Tour on 13 October.

I’m pretty stoked that Blizzard is working so hard to grow esports, and we can only hope other organisations follow suit.

CS:GO streamers escape punishment for gambling controversy

Man, this one really pisses me off. In case you’re out of the loop, YouTubers Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas “Syndicate” Cassell have avoided all punishment for promoting what essentially amounts to a loophole for illegal gambling.

Once CS:GO skins became worth serious money, multiple websites popped up that were nothing short of casinos – you’d spin wheels and win skins. The currency was ostensibly digital cosmetic items, but they could be traded out for cash.

The YouTubers in question were discovered to be promoting gambling sites that they owned by pretending they were winning big on them, and saying stuff like “they’ve offered me a sponsorship” and a bunch of other utter bullshit to trick 14 year-old kids into gambling.

Even worse, they were found to be playing rigged games on stream and creating YouTube videos specifically designed to show them winning big – making it appear that the odds are much better than they are.

Once the story broke, everyone was hoping these two would be forced to pay a hefty fine or even face criminal punishment, but now it seems they’ve gotten away with all that cash and no repercussions. Great.

Depending on the version, this thing can cost between R20,000 and R50,000. Seriously.

Final Fantasy XV will allow nude mods, but may stop mods altogether in future

For some reason, a bunch of creepers out there can’t quite get enough of digital boob. Back in the no-internet Tomb Raider 1 days, this kind of made sense if you were 12, but now it takes a special kind of sad to spend time creating a mod to disrobe female game characters.

Still, FF XV game director Hajime Tabata reiterated this week that he has no interest in banning or censoring mods – but disapproves of their implementation.

“Personally, we want to give users the freedom to do what they feel is best in terms of how they enjoy the game, so we don’t want to put too many limitations on the types of mods that are going to be available,” Tabata said through a translator.

“If things are taken a little too far, it might affect and influence the possibility of mods for future Final Fantasy games,” Tabata said. “So if there’s anything we could say, it’s to try to be as controlled as possible.”

See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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