Okami HD coming with 4K support in time for Christmas

Clover Studio’s PS2 fan favourite Okami (already the subject of a Wii edition, and a high-definition port during the grand days of the then-next gen PS3) will be re-re-re-re-releasing on PC and current gen systems on 12 December. In an attempt to justify another HD release as something more than a shameless cash-in, publisher Capcom has announced 4K support for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and suitably beefy PCs.

Okami HD is promising to be a faithful recreation of this enduring classic, with Capcom even going so far as to include a 4:3 aspect ratio option, just like in ye olden times.

If you managed to miss this stylish canine adventure on one of its previous incarnations, it’s a safe bet that this upcoming edition will be worth scooping up. Okami was quite startling to look at back in its original form, so you have to imagine that seeing it moving in razor sharp 4K is going to have us bleeding from the eyeholes.

Via Polygon.