And it’s probably my fault because my power level isn’t even 270. I’m the worst, you guys. In the meantime, though, Destiny 2 PS4 clan The Legend Himself – previously responsible for almost finishing Destiny‘s Wrath of the Machine raid before everybody else – finished the Leviathan raid before everybody else, proving that persistence wins out eventually, Tarryn, and you can totally do this too.

Much like the raids in the first game, Leviathan features a series of puzzles and mazes that require a lot of coordination, undaunted determination, and, uh, jumping to solve. It also includes a room with baths, so that’s kind of sexy.

If you’re not bothered about spoilers (although it’s hard to make out what’s even going on in the chaos), you can watch the last moments of The Legend Himself’s world first accomplishment below.

To commemorate the event, Bungie has dropped a new Crucible map for those people who prefer to skip the cooperative stuff and kill each other instead. There’s something for everybody in Destiny 2.

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