Doom and Wolfenstein II are confirmed kills for Nintendo Switch

Bethesda Softworks is turning out to be a surprisingly prolific source of Nintendo Switch games, announcing versions of both Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the portable/not-so-portable hybrid console thing. That means frantic demon slaying and Nazi decapitations will be joining the eagerly awaited orc-in-progress Skyrim, which lands on 17 November.

The publisher has kindly pointed out a release window for the new shooters, although “window” is a term being used liberally here. With Wolfenstein II coming “in 2018”, it’s more like a release gaping chasm than a window. Still, the deliciously violent Doom isn’t all that far off, slated for release during this year’s holiday season.

The Bethesda details are deep within the latest Nintendo Direct video, so hit the 24:38 mark if you don’t care about the rest. No word on whether the FPS twins will have much in the way of Switch-exclusive content, but Bethesda has confirmed some special Nintendo fan service for Skyrim, including Zelda-related bits, gameplay elements afforded by the Switch’s motion controls, and so on.

Swastika-laden Mario hats, perhaps? Italian, mustachioed demon overlords? Please can we not.

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