Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass free everywhere

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A group of executives from EA sat around a table discussing strategy and what games to give away for free.

“Why not the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront?” suggested one of them. “With the sequel just around the corner, we don’t stand to make much from future sales. And gamers will need to buy the base game to play the free content, which should bring in more money.”

“Let’s make it so!” yelled Jerry the intern. No one liked Jerry the intern, because he always, and on purpose, used the wrong references when they spoke about Star Wars. He thought it was funny. It wasn’t.

That’s probably not how it happened. Regardless, all the post launch content for 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront is available for free on Origin, PS4, and XBO. This includes the Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, and Rogue One: Scarif expansion packs, as well as an emote. Each pack brought new environments, vehicles, weapons, and playable heroes to the base game, and being able to get them for free on any of its platforms is quite difficult to pass up on.

To claim the season pass, gamers will need to redeem it through their Origin accounts, or be an active subscriber to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold. You’ll also need the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition to play it, but it has been severely marked down to under R90 on PS4, XBO, and PC, and it is also free with an Origin Access account. With the sequel launching on 17 November, this is a dirt cheap way to experience every part of a great game before then.

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