The Nintendo Switch is becoming a big deal

Making up for the somewhat… misdirected Wii U, Nintendo’s new little-console-that-could has game fans frothing with joy, and people are snapping these things up as fast as Nintendo can pump them onto store shelves. And over in the UK, Team Mario is now selling faster than Team Master Chief for the first time since the original Wiipocalypse in 2006.

This little bombshell comes to us via a tweet from publisher Christopher Dring.

This is a huge departure from the Wii U’s dismal sales performance, and a solid kick in the green pants for John-117 and his genetically-engineered pals. It’s not all doom and gloom for Microsoft, though – with the Xbox One X waiting in the wings, doing unnecessarily extravagant stretches and jogging on the spot in anticipation for a November release, that jostle for second place could get tight heading into the holiday season. And through all of this, PlayStation aficionados sit atop their ivory tower with ne’er a worry in the world.

Console wars, eh?

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