Without much in the way of fanfare, Mojang has announced a New Nintendo 3DS version of Minecraft, available right now via the Nintendo eShop in the US and Japan. The rest of us will have to hang back for a moment, with a European release coming “very, very soon”, according to the official Minecraft site.

It’s worth noting that this version is for the New Nintendo 3DS only – that’s right, your classic 3DS simply isn’t up to the task. Minecraft for 3DS is a single-player affair for now, and offers world sizes of 2016×2016, maxing out at a height of 128 blocks. If you want to get technical, this version is closest to 0.15.4 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

One of the biggest games of all time appearing out of nowhere on a new platform for the first time? You’d expect more hype, but considering Minecraft has already been released on almost every conceivable thing that has a screen of any kind [including Nintendo’s Switch – Ed.], Mojang is excused for being a bit nonchalant about it.

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